Chronic Pain? Matcha Can Help With That!

By Eric Brinkman

Chronic Pain? Matcha Can Help With That!

If you're any bit like me, you spend the weekends or evenings doing your best to enjoy life's offerings in the outdoors! Often, long hours on a bike, snowboard, or even just your feet are deemed taxing for the human body. Are sore muscles, sore feet, bad back a common pain in your ass? Well, guess what! Matcha can help you recover from these sorts of pains. 

For the longest time, I stood by the core principles of matcha, like weight-loss and energy. However, I hadn't studied much of its anti-inflammatory qualities. Recently, we received a call from a customer requesting matcha for his bad back pain. I asked him more about his story, and he had a serious car accident 5 months prior. The gentleman mentioned had tried everything, but only matcha had really helped his back. Now, it is part of his daily routine, and he can't live without it. For a similar story, read here.

I've outlined the two major reasons matcha can help with inflammation below:

1) The EGCGs in Matcha inhibit the activation of white blood cells, making Matcha a promising anti-inflammatory substance.

2) These EGCGs contain a compound that block the production of cells that can damage bone.