How To Make Hydrating Matcha Face Scrub ( 3 Ingredients Only!)

By Eric Brinkman

How To Make Hydrating Matcha Face Scrub ( 3 Ingredients Only!)


Did you know, similar to the healing effects matcha has when ingested, it’s great for healing when applied topically as well!

Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll, not only does it act as a great detoxifying agent, it is also a great source of antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties for your skin. We’d like to share all these great, natural healing properties of the matcha you know and love. So, we’ve branched out to bring you our Matcha Hydration Scrub. A balanced combo of a gentle sugar scrub to rid your skin of unwanted dirt, the soothing properties of coconut oil, and of course our Matcha Green Tea.


1) Set your ingredients out on the counter. It's much easier to create the face scrub when everything is within reaching distance.

2) Whisk water and matcha together till diluted. Only add enough water to make a matcha paste. Too much water will be messy and will provide an unsatisfactory end product.

3) Pour the matcha mix over the coconut oil, and mix till evenly distributed.

4) Add sugar till desired consistency. More sugar, more exfoliant. 

5) Wait for the mix to thicken as it sets.

6) Apply to skin, wash away with warm water.

If you want to try your own matcha scrub, you can order your own 30g tin here.