Matcha: A Hangover Cure

By Eric Brinkman

Matcha: A Hangover Cure

Did you know drinking matcha can slow down the negative effects of drinking alcohol?

Green tea, or matcha, is very high in antioxidants—predominantly a kick ass one called epigallocatechin. This protects the liver from damage due to booze. Not only do these antioxidants counter oxidative stress that weaken liver function, it also helps speed detoxification of alcoholic compounds from the body. What a useful tool!
The short-term effect is no hangover (Awesome!!) and the long-term benefit is less fat gain around your core.

There are many bars serving matcha in cocktails, which I think is really cool! What a great way to make your patrons enjoy the moment, without hating the morning after. But be warned, for green tea to work really well, you need to drink roughly 5 cups a day. If that's too much, you can also take supplements. We've been suggested to take 500mg a day.


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