How to Store Matcha Tea

By Eric Brinkman

Matcha is both a tasty and expensive beverage, and especially not worth wasting. if you're reading this, you might be new to matcha tea, or maybe you're double checking on other tea routines. Either way, we're here to tell you how our team stores our matcha.

Our inventory is kept in the freezer before being shipped out to our customers. If you're not opening your tin of matcha right away, pop it into your freezer. This is one of two elements to watch out for, the other, a sensitivity to light. If making a cup of matcha, make sure to close the container right away and get it into the fridge. Don't use any transparent containers. The more light proof, the better.

If you follow this routine, the canister will last for up to one year in these conditions. I've brought matcha camping with me multiple times, and under extreme heat, a cooler with ice still kept its integrity. 

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