Keep Summer Alive!: Iced Matcha Lemon Vanilla Tea Recipe

By Eric Brinkman

Without a doubt, morning routines are the best and most difficult to adopt. Let me tell you, whatever your practice might be, things will change with matcha.  It takes longer to make than a regular tea, but it’s always worth it. 


Pairing knife

1 ½ tb of matcha
.5 tb of agave nectar
2 drops of organic vanilla or almond flavouring

2 slices of lemon
5 blueberries
1 cup of hot water
4 ice cubes
1 earl grey tea bag

1) Take your strainer and put it over your favourite cup. Slowly start pouring the matcha over the cup, and gently use a spoon to brush the matcha through the strainer. This  ensures your matcha doesn’t  clump together, which is important because you don't want to waste.

2) Once your matcha is sitting at the bottom of your glass, throw the tea bag in, pour in your water and whisk in a zig-zag motion till you see the electric green colour we’re so fond of. Extra tips: use a whisk if you can, but a spoon or jar/lid would work too.

3) Now’s the time to chill out while your drink cools down. This next step is to squeeze the 2 slices of lemon, your 0.5 table spoon of agave nectar, and throw your blueberries in. Let it sit for another minute and toss your ice cubes in, and finally a few drops of organic vanilla flavouring

4) By this time, you’ll want to stir your your matcha lemonade to balance all the flavours once more.

5) Enjoy!

*Matcha is meant to drink right away, so use these timelines as a loose suggestion. Do what you think is best! Get messy, and make mistakes!*