How Much Daily Green Tea will Help You Lose Weight ?

By Team Matcha

How Much Daily Green Tea will Help You Lose Weight ?

You've probably heard that green tea will help you lose weight. Well, I can tell you first hand this is true.  For instance, I first started a regime of drinking 2 pots of green tea a day for 10 days straight. This combined with daily exercise yielded maximum results.  Did it work, you ask? Yes it worked. I saw and felt a difference in my body appearance and mental clarity, but drinking that much tea was annoying and hard on my body.

"But, but, I Can't Physically Drink 10 Ten Cups Of Green Tea A Day!?"

Whoa there, don't jump to conclusions, Let's Matcha has the solution. All the benefits of 10 cups of green tea in one glass. Typically, drinking 10 cups a day would allow you to stay within the daily recommended intake of caffeine, but that isn't necessary if you're drinking matcha. Matcha is a condensed form of green tea which boosts metabolism, and cuts hunger cravings. Typically, one glass of matcha is the equivalent to 10 cups of normal brewed green tea. 

4 Main Benefits Include:

  1. no jitters
  2. no crash
  3. no staining of teeth
  4. low acidity

By replacing coffee with matcha, you'll begin to feel results within the first few days, and see them after 2 weeks of regular use. If my personal experience with matcha isn't enough, this article talks of a lady who lost 25 lbs in 3 months by drinking matcha.

 In order to achieve this you'll need to implement a daily intake of ECGCs. With 3-4 tbl spoons of match a day, you could lose up to 3lbs in 12 weeks. Of course, everybody is different, but regular studies show this rate of consumption can have positive results

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