Matcha Fights Cancer

Matcha Green Tea is one of the most studied cancer fighting plants. The potential of this natural plant to help warding off various forms of cancer is music to the ears of those weighing the usual treatment options most of the sick still face.

Before exploring the research, it's important to understand that both green tea and matcha's core measurable ingredient is known as EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate.) Even with positive completed studies, one big challenge still remains. How can we get enough EGCG without drinking 10-15 cups of green tea per day. Matcha is a great alternative for achieving enough mg of EGCG without the hassle and potential adverse effect of drinking large quantities of green tea to consume enough EGCG's. To further investigate the research on EGCG effect on Esophageal, Gastric and Colon cancers see this study.